Regulations on Local Lines

Free Pass

The following passengers are entitled to a free pass: children up to 3 years of age, bus drivers, passengers on buses, drivers of max. 10t trucks, drivers and escorts of trucks over 10t, pupils and students residing on the island (if they attend schools on the mainland, with season tickets) during the school period i.e. academic year (from 1st September to 30th June, or 15th July for university students), retirees to age 65 and persons over age 65 residing on the island (on catamaran lines only between Žirje-Kaprije-Šibenik), health workers on transportation of patients. The disabled (military and civilian) are entitles to a 75% discount of the price of the tickets, and a free pass for their escort four times a year. Transportation of hand luggage up to 20kg is free of charge, with the exception of tanks containing liquid fuel. The shipper holds no responsibility for any damage to, or losses of, the luggage on board.

The right to a free pass is exercised based on the Law on Liner Shipping and Seasonal Coastal Maritime Transport;  Regulations on Conditions and Manner of Exercising the Right to Free Transport on Public Maritime Transportation Lines; Law on Privileges in Domestic Passenger Traffic.


Children under 3 years of age are entitled to a free pass, with babies under the age of 1 sitting with a parent in the same seat; and for children of ages 1 – 3 a separate ticket is issued, and a seat is booked. 
Children aged 3-12 years are entitled to a 50% discount on the price 'per person' on the ferry, whereas on the catamarans they pay full price.

Issuing of Tickets for Transportation of Vehicles

Tickets for transportation of vehicles are issued based on the information available on the vehicle registration card containing the relevant data for the vehicle (type, capacity etc.). The tickets are issued at the price appropriate for the type of vehicle registered in the registration card. 

A bicycle is a vehicle with at least 2 wheels, powered solely by the physical power of the rider. A moped is a vehicle with 2 or 3 wheels, and with the engine capacity of under 50cm3, and under 50km/h max. speed on a straight road. A motorcycle is a vehicle with 2 or 3 wheels, weighing less than 400kg. A quad motorcycle is a motorcycle with 4 wheels, with under 400kg weight when empty with no battery, and powered by electricity; i.e. 550kg if the vehicle serves for transportation of cargo, and its engine power is under 15kw.

Transportation of Cars

A car is a motor vehicle with a maximum of nine seats (driver seat plus a maximum of 8 passenger seats). The price for transportation of cars up to 5m is charged for cars up to 5m length and 2m height. The price for transportation of cars over 5m is charged for cars up to 5m length, but over 2m height (2,01m and above), as well as for cars over 5m in length (5,01m and above).

Length of a car is the overall length of the vehicle including any cargo transported at the back (like bicycles). The passenger must report the overall length of the vehicle on ticket purchase. Otherwise the ticket will not be considered correct, and the vehicle will not be allowed on board until the passenger acquires the appropriate ticket.

Transportation of Light (Luggage) Trailers

A light trailer is a vehicle attached to the car, with 750kg max. weight (weight of the vehicle including its capacity). Transportation of light trailers from 3,01m to 5m length is charged at the price of transportation of a car of less than 5m long. Transportation of light trailers of over 5m length (5,01m and above) is charged at the price of transportation of a car over 5m long.

Transportation of Trailers

Transportation of trailers is all transport of boat trailers, RV's etc. The same prices are charged for trailers and for camping vehicles.

Transportation of Buses

A bus is a motor vehicle which, beside the driver's seat, has over eight seats (i.e. total of ten or more seats).

Transportation of Cargo Vehicles

Transportation of trucks under 3t capacity is charged at the price for 3t capacity. Transportation of cargo vehicles which are loaded with cargo protruding outside the car is charged additionally for each meter protruding out of the truck (trailer), at a 1t price. Transportation of 'truck (classic, cargo)' trailer towed by a truck is charged per ton of capacity, same as for trucks.

Transportation of semitrailers towed by a tractor truck is charged per ton of capacity of the semitrailer, like for cargo vehicles. 

'Special Vehicles' and Vehicles not Listed in the Tariff

'Special vehicles' i.e. trucks of large dimensions (truck for transportation of furniture, flatbeds etc.) as well as vehicles not listed in the tariff are charged at a 50% higher price, or transported at an individually agreed price.

Emergency Service

Emergency service, i.e. trips outside the timetable for transportation of emergency vehicles is charged according to a special pricelist, and for other commercial trips, the price is agreed individually.

Vehicles With Hazardous Cargo

Vehicles containing hazardous cargo are transported only in emergency trips.


The cargo is not allowed on board a ferry – on the deck (except limited quantities for trips to undeveloped islands). Storing of cargo in passenger areas is forbidden; and on catamarans no cargo at all is allowed.


Luggage up to 100kg is normally transported according to the pricelist for luggage transport. Only hand luggage of max. 20kg is allowed on catamarans, and free of charge.


PETS are allowed on board a ferry only if they pose no danger or cause disturbance to the passengers or the boat, and are not allowed in the closed passenger areas. The owners assume the risk of travel, and the responsibility for any damage. Dogs must be muzzled (except guide dogs) and kept on a leash; cats in transport boxes; and birds in cages. Dogs and cats must have appropriate vaccination documents. The Bišovo catamaran includes an appropriate container for pets. Pets are not allowed on board the Broč and Komiza catamarans, except guide dogs for the blind.


Discounts cannot be used on two bases at the same time.

Tickets and Insurance of Passengers

By acquiring a ticket, the passenger obtains proof on existence and content of the transportation agreement, and during the trip the passenger and his/her luggage are insured according to the provisions of the Insurance Contract, concluded between the Company and an insurance company.


Version: 1.0 from January 1st 2018.